“My body could stand the crutches but my brain couldn’t stand the sideline.” 

— Michael Jordan

Every athlete understands the importance of recovery. Unlike conventional pain relievers, CBD supports multiple systems and molecular pathways in the body to enhance recovery and overall well-being. 

By guiding the body back to an adaptive state, a variety of symptoms can be addressed such as sore muscles, joint inflammation, tension, and recovery time. When slow recovery disrupts your sports performance, we offer a CBD botanical solution that gets results. 

  • Soothe sore muscles

  • Modulate pain response

  • Regulate inflammatory response

  • Accelerate recovery time

  • Support a healthy, active lifestyle

We craft our CBD botanical formulas from potent, organically-grown ingredients. Our products are clinically-formulated to support your body’s systems rather than combat them. Help your body find its own way back to balance.

Product Focus: CBD RELIEF | Muscle Spray

“Our CBD Relief Muscle Spray is an ideal addition to your healthy sports recovery regimen. We combine broad-spectrum CBD with key botanical synergists for improved absorption and efficacy.”

—Dr. Jason Miller, DACM, Chief Formulator


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